Saturday Morning Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

We usually try to make some kind of big breakfast on one of the weekend days - life is often so hectic, it's a great opportunity to get everyone around the table for a meal that I know they are all going to like. 

This weekend's breakfast - apple cinnamon pancakes and scrambled eggs.

I have one little secret trick for great scrambled eggs - garlic salt.  Not a lot, you don't want the eggs to taste like garlic, but just a dash give a nice little background of flavor.

Now for the pancakes.

My goal for pancakes, and waffles, is to add enough flavor that they don't really need syrup - so that the little ones can just pick it up and eat it and it will be flavorful and moist.  I also try to add a little extra protein when I can.

This is a simple one - again I start with a package pancake batter, because it's easy and it's good, it's my kind of shortcut.  But I don't really follow the directions - I use the basic ratio for the mix and liquid, but I use milk instead of water.  I add extra eggs - this mix called for probably about 1.5 eggs for this amount of batter, and I used three. Then I just grated 2 apples and added a bunch of cinnamon.  Mix and cook. 

They were a hit.


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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