Potato soup - with toppings!

Mmm, this is so good.  I could eat bowls and bowls of it.  (in fact, when I'm done typing this, I'm going to go have another bowl) And it couldn't be easier. 

This one is really a potato & leek soup, but once it's all blended up the leeks don't stand out on their own, they just help make it yummy. 

And as with a lot of my favorite recipes, this is versatile and very forgiving.  Exact quantities don't really matter.  And unlike a lot of the other soups I make, this one doesn't really benefit more from simmering all day or sitting overnight - it's quick to make and really delicious as soon as it's cooked.

The approximate instructions:

  • a few cups of leeks, sliced thin.  (or onions work too)  Today I had 4 leeks so I used them all.
  • a couple stalks of celery, diced (optional - this is actually the first time I've used it and I'm not sure I notice the difference).
  • a whole bunch of potatoes, roughly diced - I think I ended up with about 6 or 7 cups of diced potatoes.
  • 1 1/2 - 2 quarts of chicken broth
  • a bit of salt

Saute the leeks or onions, and celery if using it, in a little butter until soft.  Add in the potatoes, cover with broth, season with a bit of salt, and then let it all simmer until the potatoes are soft.  Then puree.  I just stick my immersion blender directly in the pot and puree until smooth.  I like it creamy.  But you could leave some chunks if you prefer.  Add more broth if you want it thinner, or let it reduce a bit if you want it thicker - it's all about the texture you prefer. 

At this point it's basically fat free, except for the little bit of butter the leeks were cooked in. 

And now you can top it however you like.  My basic go-to fixings are some shredded cheese, chopped bacon, a little sour cream, salt and fresh ground pepper - baked potato style.  Although lately I've been substituting nonfat plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream - you get the same creamy and tangy addition, but a little added protein, and it's nonfat.  I supposed you could leave out the bacon and keep it healthier, but I think a little bit of good quality bacon adds so much flavor - buy the good stuff and just use a little.  And tonight I actually put some cottage cheese on mine - I love cottage cheese on a baked potato, so I thought I'd try it on the soup - it was good. 



Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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