Moroccan Meatballs and Tahini Garlic Kale Salad

Oh I have recently discovered raw kale salad - and it is seriously one of my new favorite things!  I had lunch from the Whole Foods salad bar a few weeks ago, and they had two kale salads that I tried - and I was hooked.  One of the salads had a tahini garlic dressing, and so this was my attempt to re-create it.  If you do some web searches on tahini garlic kale salad, you'll come up with a lot of recipes.  I read a few recipes and just starting combining the ingredients to make a dressing. 
I used tahini, lemon juice, fresh garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.  I really couldn't tell you the quantities - I just started combining and tasting until I like it.  I tossed the chopped kale in the dressing and let it rest for a while before serving. 
Also for dinner - Moroccan lamb meatballs, with a spicy, lemony sauce.  Here is a scan of the recipe - I don't follow it exactly, but close.  I ground my own lamb.  I find meatballs to be an irrestible opportunty to hide vegetables - so I threw some broccoli into the food processor and added that into the mix.  I also added a bit of turmeric and lemon juice to the meatball mixture.  I made a huge batch, and took some of the meatballs and just cooked them on a baking sheet in the oven - I fed these to the kids for dinner and then froze a whole sheet of them, and once frozen I put them in ziploc bags in the freezer - now I have ready to eat meatballs in the freezer, and I know that's there's nothing wierd or processed in them (frozen meatballs are a great easy meal for kids - but I shudder to think about what's in those big bags of meatballs from Costco). 
Also - along with this meal was some spaghetti squash.  There is a recipe on for a truly amazing Moroccan spiced spaghetti squash - I didn't take the time to make the full recipe, but just thinking of that as my inspiration, I cooked my squash in the microwave, shredded it up and tossed with butter, cumin, coriander and salt.  It was delish.