There are few things better than a warm gooey lasagna.  I've seldom met a lasagna I didn't like - versions loaded with meat or veggies are all great - but my favorites are the most simple - pasta, sauces, cheeses.  I love the simplicity of letting those three things meld and melt together.  This is just such a lasagna - layers of pasta, a very simple tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and a little extra creamy sauce. 
I actually made two versions this day - they looked basically the same so only one got a picture.  I made a full calorie version for my friend who is currently cooking two little twin babies - they need the calories, and a lower calorie version for us.  For the first one I used a whole milk ricotta, regular mozzarella, and a creamy alfredo sauce.  For us I did a lower fat version - using a fat free ricotta and a lowfat mozzarella, and just a smear of the alfredo.  And both had just a simple tomato sauce.  I'm sure hers was probably better - but ours was pretty darn good too!