Split Pea Soup

I know, doesn't look like much.  I'm not sure there's much you can do to make pea soup look visually appealing.  But I just love it and I always have. 
I made two versions of this one again too - a meat version and a vegetarian version.  I started with onions, carrots and celery, sauteed in a little butter until soft.  Then I added the dry split peas and some water and broth, a little salt and pepper, and some bay leaves, and simmered it all until cooked and soft.  Then I took out the bay leaves and pureed it all with my hand blender until smooth.  At that point the meatless version is done - season a little more if needed and serve. 
We had a ham bone left from easter, so after taking out half the soup for the vegetarian version, I dropped the ham bone in and let it simmer for a couple hours to get all nice and porky.
My husband intially turned his nose up at the offering of this soup.  I think he has some bad memories of something vaguely green that didn't taste very good.  But I think I managed to successfully convert him - he declared it good and ate his whole bowl.  The addition of the pork probably helped his cause - but I thought it was equally good before the addition of the meat.  I like mine sprinkled with a little seasoned salt - and I could eat enough to make myself sick.