Farrow 'risotto' and veggie latkes

I've never cooked farrow before - but I recall having something in a restaurant once that was like a risotto, but made with farrow.  I bought a bag of it at Trader Joes recently, as I am trying to use a wider variety of grains, and so I thought I would give that idea a try. 

I cooked it pretty much the same as I would a regular risotto - adding hot broth little bits at a time and stirring a lot.  I didn't really keep track of quantities, but I'd say that this took more broth than rice and took longer to cook.  And near the end I added some white wine, butter and lots of parmesan cheese.  It was really good - nutty and chewy and flavorful.

Along with that, I made some veggie latkes.  I am a big fan of any kind of veggie patty - for a latke style patty, I shred lots of veggies - zuchini, brocolli stems, carrots, onion, etc.  I think this one might have also had some parsnip.  It works best if you have time to salt the shredded veggies and let some liquid drain off first, and squeeze to help it along.  Then you just add a little flour, a couple eggs, some other seasoning if you like (they're probably already salty enough), drop into patties on a hot pan with a little oil, and brown on each side. 

Also here we had some garbanzo beans - cooked from dry beans.  I have recently discovered (perhaps I am the last one to realize this), that freshly cooked beans have so much more flavor than canned. 


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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