my favorite comfort food soup

This is something I make for myself when I have the rare pleasure of eating dinner alone - if my husband is out playing with the band, and I've managed to get all 4 kids to bed somewhere near on time.  It's the simplest thing, and oh so comforting. 
Simply: chicken broth, cream of wheat (farina) cereal, and an egg.  That's it.
I put about half as much cereal to liquid as the directions will say - because I want this to be soupy.  I usually will break the egg in to the boiling soup and use a fork to stir it around - a little like a Chinese egg drop soup.  But lately we have been getting some amazing organic farm fresh eggs, and so this night I poached the egg in the soup, and didn't break it until I was ready to eat it.  It is just. so. delicious.  Really one of my very favorite meals.
I also tried this recently with miso broth instead of chicken broth.  ahem.  I didn't think it was possible to make this any better - but that might have put it over the top.