french toast with strawberries

I really do make the very best French toast, sorry if that's bragging.  The key to good french toast is: don't be stingy with the ingredients!  I read these recipes that have just a few eggs, and I just don't even think that is worth my time.

I start with really good bread - ordinary bread won't do.  My favorite is either brioche or challah - something that is already rich and eggy to start with. (I made one recently with a raisin challah, and it was amazing!) It's easiest to work with if you can slice it ahead of time and leave it out to dry a little over night.  You can do it without that step, it just gets a little hard to handle. And that is because I like to really soak my bread in the custard.  None of this quick dip business - I put it in and really let it soak it up.  I want the custard to get all the way to the middle of the bread, I don't want to cut into my toast and find dry bread in the middle. 

For the custard - here's what I usually add:

  • A lot of eggs - probably a full dozen for 1 loaf of bread.
  • a little milk or cream
  • some kind of liquor - a little brandy, or an orange liquor.  just a splash, for flavor.
  • orange zest - from one or two oranges
  • vanilla - a teaspoon or so
  • cinnamon - I like a lot.
  • maple syrup.  yes, in the custard.  I think it needs to be fully flavored and delicious without even having to top it with anything.  And a little sugar in the custard helps give it a nice crust.

Mix it all together, soak your slices of bread for a couple minutes each, and then cook on a well buttered griddle. 

These are just so good, I don't make it too often because I would eat too much!  The one here was served with a little syrup and some fresh diced strawberries. 


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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