The Freshest Tomato Sauce - or Tomato Soup

This is another one of those unbelievably simple things, that just oozes amazing flavor.   I think I keep repeating myself - but I really am going to miss when these yummy summer tomatoes are gone.  This was the first summer that I've had a garden since before my babies were born, and I have just been loving the fresh produce - but especially the tomatoes.


This is the simplest of sauces - quick, easy, and so delicious.  I used mostly small roma tomatoes, plus a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes.  Since they were so small and tender, I just dumped them in the Vitamix whole, along with a couple cloves of garlic, a bunch of fresh basil leaves, a little salt and a little olive oil.  Turn it on, and blend 'til smooth.  No need to seed or peel or do anything, this blender takes it all down to nothing.  Then I put that in a pot on the stove and simmered it for a bit.

We had this over pasta as a sauce, and I had it as a bowl of soup with some leftover croutons from the day before's tomato bread salad.    On the side of the soup was a wrap, with my eggplant dip and squash dip, tomatoes, basil and greens - one of the best lunches ever.  And I have a couple jars saved in the freezer!