Are you still buying applesauce? This time of year at least, there's no reason to buy it!  It's so easy to make great applesauce from fresh, delicious, organic apples.  You can make it in large or small quantities, chunky or smooth, sweetened or not - super easy. The amount of actual working time is minimal - as long as it takes you to roughly chop, and then later puree or mash.    I like to puree mine to make it really smooth for the kids.  So because I know I'm going to blend it all in, I don't both peeling the apples.  And the peels contribute to the color and nutrients and flavor.  So - literally - here's all I do:

  • very roughly chop a pile of apples.  Quantity really only depends on how much sauce you want.
  • put them all in a pot on the stove
  • Sprinkle in some cinnamon if you like (I love mine with cinnamon)
  • Cover, simmer on low heat until the fruit is all soft.
  • Dump in the blender and puree.

A few other notes:

  • you can do this with all kinds of fruits.  I love to do apple & pear together.  Throwing in some berries or some persimmon gives a nice extra flavor or color. Or peaches or apricots.
  • If you prefer it to be chunky, I would peel them and then just mash the cooked fruit with a potato masher.
  • I don't think it's necessary to add water, if you start them low enough so they don't burn, after a few minutes they will start to release their juice.
  • I also don't think it's usually necessary to add any kind of sweetener.  But if you have a particularly tart batch of apples (I had a bunch of tart green apples today), then add in a little bit of honey, to taste.
  • Some recipes call for a little lemon juice.  This helps keep it from turning brown if you're going to keep it for a while.  I usually don't bother with this because it rarely lasts very long in our house.

It freezes great, but that hardly ever happens here because we eat it so fast.  This is great for kids lunches, refillable squeezies, topping yogurt.




Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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