Homemade seasoning blends

Way back at Christmas time, I mixed up some of my favorite seasoning blends to give to a few friends as gifts.  I kept a set for myself as well, I've been using and enjoying mine, and I hope my friends have as well. This is such a great thing to do, any time of year.  It takes so little time to make up a bunch, and then you have seasoning mixes in your cabinet with no mystery ingredients.  I did three blends: taco seasoning, chicken rub, and a spicy seasoned salt.  And I love all three.

Homemade taco seasoning is obviously great for tacos - just sprinkle a little or a lot on your meat as it's cooking.  But it's also a great seasoning for soups, or an easy way to make a quick dip or spread - just mix it into a container of sour cream or cream cheese.  Here is my taco seasoning recipe that I've shared before.

The chicken rub is a recipe from one of my favorite food blogs - 100 Days of Real Food.  I use her recipe for The Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot all the time, and this is the seasoning rub from that recipe, except that I add a little cumin to mine.  I love this rub because it has great flavor, and the paprika and cumin give the chicken (and resulting chicken stock) a really great color too.  For these jars, I just took her basic recipe and multiplied it by a lot.

And last - a slightly spicy seasoned salt.  I'll admit freely that I'm a salt addict.  I love all kinds of salt, and I loved salt blends with different flavors and seasonings.  For as long as I can remember, I've loved seasoned salt, so I wanted to try to make one.  I've always  been a big fan of Lawry's, and of Tony Chacheres.  I searched the web to get some ideas, and mixed my own.  And I wrote it all down on a piece of paper as I was mixing, so that I could share what I came up with.... and..... I can't find it.  Darn it.  So, you'll have to wait on that one.  I'll make more when I use up what I've got, and I will write it down again.  There are lots of recipes available out there, so look around and see what you like.  I think the one I started with was close to this - but I didn't use any sugar.  I love to sprinkle seasoned salt on an avocado, or cottage cheese, or mix in a chicken salad or egg salad, or on eggs.  I made mine just slightly spicy, enough to give a little kick after a few bites, but not enough to overwhelm.

And the jars I used were just little canning jars.



Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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