Green Enchilada Soup

Another old one that I haven't yet gotten around to sharing on the blog - although you may have seen when I posted this on Facebook.  I was craving something like a Chile Verde, but more like a soup, and started doing some web searching and came across this wonderful recipe.  This is definitely a keeper!  It was exactly what I wanted.

As usual for me, I can't leave well enough alone, so I adjusted to suit my needs.  So click through to the original recipe (I certainly don't want to take credit for it!), and then come back here and this is what I did....

I left out the seranno chiles and jalapeno peppers because I wanted it mild so the kids would eat it. I also went a little light on the chili powder. Then I served some green salsa on the side for the adults, to add a little of the kick back. I poached chicken breasts in homemade chicken stock, and then used that broth for the soup. I used a yellow onion instead of red because that's just what I had. And I didn't bother with broiling the tomatillos - I just diced them and sautéed really well with the onion and garlic. I made all of this for the broth, minus the milk, in the morning, and then let it simmer on low in my crock pot while I was out for the afternoon. When I got home I  stirred a little half & half, just long enough to warm up before serving (but it was delicious before adding that half & half and I don't think it was even necessary). The broth was delicious even before the chicken was added back in.

Served as you can see - with cilantro, queso, sour cream, diced avocado, a little squeeze of extra lime, some salsa verde for the adults, and some chips for the kids.  Delicious!  And it was even better the next day.


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2014-02-26 18.07.37