Coconut Squash Soup

I'll warn you up front - there is not an exact recipe here.  But this is how I really cook - I put things together that sound good, in proportions that look right.  I taste as I go, and I add things until I think it tastes good enough to call it done. So this is a quick and simple soup that I came up with the other day. I had a bunch of leftover sauteed summer squash that I needed to use.  I just put that all in a pot with a little extra coconut oil and sauteed a bit more, added broth and coconut milk, a little garlic powder, and let it simmer until the squash was even softer.  Then I stuck my immersion blender directly in the pot and blended until it was totally smooth and creamy.  That's all.  And it's really yummy.

So, very loosely, here is what's in it:

  • Cooked squash, about 3-4 cups.  I had two kinds of summer squash, I think any kind you like would work.  Mine was sauteed ahead of time with a little butter and garlic, but I think you could certainly skip this step and just dice your squash and simmer it in the broth until soft.
  • Broth, 1-2 quarts.  I used my homemade chicken stock, but any kind will do.  Use a veggie broth you like and this soup would be vegan.
  • Coconut milk, 1 can.  I like the Natural Value brand - regular, not light.
  • Seasoning, to taste.  Garlic, salt, whatever you like.

Simmer everything together until the squash is cooked, puree, and enjoy.


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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