Making Homemade Squeezies

With four kids, we can go through a lot of fruit squeezies!  I love the convenience of the squeezable applesauce, and we have recently discovered some new yogurt ones as well.  But when you have hungry kids who can go through several of those in one sitting, those things can get expensive!

That's why I think it's really worthwhile to invest in a set of refillable squeeze pouches.  I've tried lots of different brands and these are one of my favorites.  

They are a lot more substantial than the ones that are designed to look more like the disposable style.  I really like that the part where you fill it is hard, rather than flexible - it makes them so much easier to fill, and easier to clean because they stay open in the dishwasher.  I also really love that the screw top lid is attached - we lost so many of the other caps.  This link is to a pack of 8, which I think is a good plan if you have more than one or two kids.  I fill them all up with a variety of applesauce and yogurts and keep them in the fridge.  If you fill 8, then you're not having to refill them every single day. 


Lisa Marsh

Mom to two sets of twins.

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