Oven Roasted Hamburgers

Don't you love it when you discover a new technique that totally makes your life easier?  Well you are definitely going to want to try this method of cooking burgers, because it will save you so much time and hassle!  You may notice a trend here if you've followed for a while - I love to keep things simple.  When you have 4 little kids, life is all about efficiency.  Any time I can come up with a way to simplify a process without compromising the quality - I'm all for it.  

I have really been craving a good home made hamburger for dinner, but it's pouring down rain here this time of year so cooking outside on the grill is just no fun.  But cooking burgers on my stove always makes the biggest mess!  Saturday night is not for scrubbing stoves - I just wanted to have an easy and tasty dinner, and not have a giant greasy mess to clean up.  

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