Good sister

Oh the hard days. We all have them. 

My 10 year old daughter gives me her share of challenges lately. We're definitely in the beginnings of that tween phase, where we get a lot of new teenage behavior, plus the more childish behaviors are still there. It's like the best (worst?) of both worlds. 

There are days when I just don't know what to do with her. 

But just when I think I'm doing it all wrong with her, she comes up with things like this.

Her twin brother was having a really hard day. Autism gives you that sometimes. We were having one of those days with just lots of overwhelm and meltdowns.

For some reason he got it in his head that he should be getting mail. He checked the mail box and got very upset that there was nothing for him. So he slammed the box back shut and came in without the mail. From another room his sister apparently heard this. She came out and announced that she was going to get the mail, and I could tell she seemed a little sneaky.

When she came back in with the stack of mail she said, "Danny, there actually IS something in the mail for you". She pretended to thumb through the stack of mail, and then handed him an envelope. 

The envelope contained this: