Introducing Max

Honestly, I've never been much of a dog lover. (don't hate me!) I didn't necessarily dislike dogs, I just never thought they were for me, and I could never have imagined our family getting a dog. We had cats, and that was pets enough for us. 

But I've written before that one of our kids is autistic. Along with autism come a lot of struggles that can have a huge impact on a child's every day life. So when we come across something that could potentially make a big difference for him, we would be fools to not at least consider it. 

I saw how he interacted with friends' dogs, so I started researching service dogs for autism. I learned so much about the benefits, and Danny has always had such an affinity with animals, they have such a calming effect on him, that it started to seem more and more like something we just needed to do for him. 

So we went for it. And now I would like introduce you to Max...


He is basically my 5th baby. People talk about how having a puppy is a lot of work, but hey, I've had four babies. A puppy was basically a walk in the park, and I will confess that it was kinda nice to have a 'baby' in the house again. Of course we instantly fell in love, and all of our friends who know us as "never dog" people are basically having the last laugh. They suck you in, that's for sure!

We've had him for about 10 months now and he has become an amazing addition to our family. We all love him, and my son has developed a wonderful bond with him. We started seeing the benefits for him as soon as we brought the dog home, and it's only gotten better as we have trained Max to do some basic things to help Danny. 

We're at a point where we think they are both ready to start spending a little time at school together without me there to help, so we made a little video to introduce the dog to the school.

This version is specific to school and it was made to speak directly to the other kids. There's a tiny glitch at the end because I cut out a frame with some staff names on it. Soon we are also going to edit another version that's not so specific to school, but it's more about service dogs in general. 

I hope you enjoy it!