Childrens' Book Review: Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree

We've had the honor of being sent a number of children's books for review lately, and I've gotten a bit behind in sharing them. So I will be trying to get caught up with these in the coming days. 

First up: Sylvia Rose and the Cherry Tree, by Sandy Shapiro Hurt. 

This is a sweet little story about a little girl who befriends a cherry tree and wants to show it the world.

The story is told in rhyme, and the illustrations are really colorful and whimsical. The tree comes to life with the little girl and her dancing.

It's got a great little lesson about how wonderful it is to see the world, but also how important it is to appreciate the value of home.

The tree literally and figuratively misses having its roots running deep in its home soil. 

"I shall never again take my place here for granted. Now, what do you say that we get me replanted?"