My favorite skin care - 30% off sale!

My Favorite skin care is on sale!

A few folks have asked, so here is my long list of what I use and some of my wish list: 

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(all on sale unless otherwise mentioned)

I’m using a Frankincense Intense Cream as my nightly moisturizer and I love it. I think it’s made a big difference in my skin. The lines in my brow & forehead and around my eyes are noticeably smaller! 

Also I use the Frankincense Cleanser in the evening, it’s creamy, not drying at all. There's actually a collection of these on sale - comes with the cream, the cleanser, and a toner, for $50, which seems like a great price.

Mornings I am using the Rose Facial Wash and the Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture. I don't like the feel of heavy stuff on my face during the day, so this moisturizer feels really good. I've been getting by with a bunch of small sample sizes of both of these, but the full size are on sale so I might buy them. 

I use the Rehydrating Rose Toner morning and night, and throughout the day. I put it in a spray bottle as a mist because I love the cooling feel of misting toner on my face. They have a Frankincense mist that comes in a spray bottle already that I might try next. 

Around my eyes I use either the White Tea Toning Eye Gel, or the Rejuvenating Frankincense Eye & Lip Serum. Usually the tea one in the morning and the frankincense one in the evening. I don't see either of these on the sale list though. 

I recently got the Honey & Orange Facial Scrub and it's wonderful! I've been using it once or twice a week and it leaves my skin super soft. (not on sale)

I have a couple of the Facial Oils - they are awesome for when your skin is super dry and thirsty. I have the Rose and the Orange. (not on sale) 

I love the “Remedies to roll” - roll on essential oil blends. My favorites are Night Time, and Energy. I sometimes roll a bunch of one of these on my wrist and then add a teensy bit of peppermint - I love inhaling the combination of scents. 

The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is kind of the everything magic stuff - it’s really rich and smells wonderful. I use it on my lips and my cuticles, around my eyes when they are really dry, my forehead wrinkles - anywhere that needs a little extra deep moisture. 

The bath & shower gels are all really nice if you take baths, or a nice alternative to using soap on your body. I got a few samples so I've started switching to these instead of soap and I love it. 

The hand creams are all wonderful - I use a lot of hand cream and I love the way all of these smell and make my hands feel. 

I have a bunch of essential oils, but my favorites are lavender and peppermint, I put those on my lava bead bracelet.

Things I don't have, but want to try: 

The Bee Lovely Balm and the Bee Lovely Body Lotion are both on sale. I have the Bee Lovely Hand cream and it's awesome (but currently out of stock). 

There are several shampoos and conditioners on sale. I have been really wanting to try those, as I can never find a shampoo I love that doesn't smell like chemicals to me. 

The Citrus Hand Wash is on sale. I've been buying Molton Brown hand soaps for my bathroom sinks for years, but I want to start replacing those with NYR soaps. 

The deodorants! I need to start getting the kids using deodorants but I'd rather start them on a more natural one vs. the chemical laden stuff that we've all used. So I the deodorants are on my wish list to try - although not on sale right now.

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