2019 Goals


A new year is here, and with it all the possibility that a new year holds. I’ve never been one to really make resolutions, but this year I have been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want this year to hold for me and my family, and what I personally need to be doing to achieve that. So, maybe they are goals, maybe they are resolutions.

In the interest of accountability, or sharing, or just putting it out there, here is some of what is on my mind as I look forward to the year ahead.

Plan every day with purpose and intention.

This doesn’t necessarily mean make big plans, or even to always make any plans at all some days. But I want to get out of bed every morning with a purpose for the day. I am going to be using my planner more regularly and I will be writing out my top goal or up to 3 goals for each day, to check off. I also want to remember that it is totally ok to have days where my top “to do” item is to rest and recharge myself.

Own less stuff.

I’ve been watching some stuff and reading a lot about minimalism. With four kids I don’t think true minimalism is ever a possibility, but we are still surrounded by stuff we don’t need. I have always been very organized, but after living in our house for almost 20 years, there is just a LOT of stuff in here that we haven’t touched in years. It’s going to go.

Live in a home that functions better for my family.

As my little family are become not so little, our house has rapidly evolved from feeling cozy to feeling crowded. I know that minimizing and decluttering our stuff will help with this feeling somewhat, but even with half the amount of stuff, I think the layout of the spaces in our current house just aren’t working the way we want. So something major needs to change. How this goal gets realized is still up in the air. It might mean moving to a different house with different layouts of spaces that work better for what our needs are now and for the next 5-10 years. Or maybe it means making some radical changes to how we use and occupy the space we have. I just don’t know yet.

Do more to contribute to the family income.

My little blog ventures here have taken a major back seat the last several years. I needed to focus on taking care of myself and my family. But I feel like we’ve gotten some things figured out and I’m in a better position to give this a bit more attention, so I am setting myself a goal of seeing some income growth from my blogging this year.