School lunches - week 1

Our first week back at school!  And big changes around here for us - we will now have all four kids in school three days a week.  My older two (almost 5) are in Pre-Kindergarten 5 days a week, and my two little girls (two years old) are in toddler preschool three days a week.  So now we are making lunches for four!
I'm trying out some new lunch containers - - and really liking them so far.  I will try to take pics of the lunches when I can and share them.  My kids like basics - I think they would be happy to have the same sandwich every day, but I'm trying to make it more interesting when I can.  These lunch boxes make it easier, the size is just right - if I have each section somewhat full, it's a nice amount of lunch, but not too much. 
Here's a couple from this week:

Cheese quesadilla, black beans, grapes, slices of carrot, zuchini and yellow squash
(veggies were not eaten - but I will keep trying)
(and in this pic is two EasyLunchBoxes and two Glad lunch containers - trying both out)
Scrambled egg, home-made honey wheat bread, cheese stick, banana, raisins, carrot sticks.
Toddler snack pack (the first week they are just having snack at school - lunches start next week): cheese, sesame rice crackers, peeled organic apple.