School lunches - week 2

Week 2 of school lunches for toddler preschool and Pre-K.  Som are more fun than others, but all very quickly made. 

Sun butter and jelly sandwiches (on home made honey wheat bread), cheese, apples, crackers and boiled egg.  In the pink & green containers is a little bit of salt for the egg.  These lunches were almost entirely eaten, with only a few scrps of bread left over. 
Noodles with sesame oil, soy sauce and carrots; edamame, tofu, banana.  Tomatoes for two and apples for two (I have two that don't eat tomatoes).  This one was popular too.  Somebody didn't eat their beans, can't remember which child that was. 
deconstructed sandwiches - home made honey wheat bread, ham, cheddar cheese (one child doesn't eat ham); boiled egg, apples, grapes and/or tomatoes.
He has ham and cheese stacks, crackers, apples and boiled egg.  She got honey wheat bread toasted with cheese and pear slice, boiled egg, apples, pear and canteloupe.  She didn't like the cheese toasts with pear. 
Mini pigs in a blanket (all natural mini hot dog wrapped in half a crescent roll), banana, strawberries, cheese and cucumber.  All eaten except the cucumber.