School lunches - week 2

Week 2 of school for my two kindergarteners, and the first week for my two preschoolers!  So we are now into making 4 school lunches 3 days a week! Monday: according to my meal plan, Monday should be sandwich day.  But I was out of bread so I switched it up and they got crackers instead.  One has roast beef (Applegate Organic brand), and American cheese.  Yes, I have one child who will only eat American cheese - he's autistic and can be a little funny about textures, and cheese is a battle that I choose not to fight.  But I buy organic American cheese, so that at least makes me feel a little better.  The other one has cheddar cheese flowers with cherry tomatoes.   Also organic cantaloupe, and bites of pears picked from a friend's tree.

And if you're interested - these are the square cups we use in the lunch containers: Wilton Square Silicone Baking Cups, 12 Count

and here are the little forks: Animal Food Picks & Forks 8pcs (Bento Decoration) P-2815


Tuesday: oranges, tomatoes from the garden, a rolled quesadilla with homemade 'refried' black beans, and some tortilla chips (in a bag because otherwise they get a little soft in the fridge overnight).


Wednesday - lunch for four!  Wednesday is breakfast for lunch day.  They have a multigrain hot cereal with raisins, and sweetened with a little maple syrup.  A bran & raisin muffin, banana, grapes, and homemade pear sauce in a refillable squeezie.



Thursday lunch wasn't made by me - they spent the night and Grandma made their lunches.

Friday: sunbutter & homemade fruit jam sandwiches, organic cheese stick, carrots, tomatoes, nectarine, and some Italian prune plums from a friend's tree.



And this is what our lunch containers look like, stacked in the fridge the night before.  I love that they come with four different color lids, so each kid has their own color.