A little school lunch update.

It's not that I haven't been making lunches - they all do still eat every day!  But I've gotten a little lazy about taking pics of them, or maybe a little busy.  Or, as my kids like to tell me: "you must have got distracted".  So here are some lunches from the past few months.

Some days they all get the same thing.  Some days they get mostly the same but slightly different fruit or protein, depending on their preferences.  And some days it's all different, I like to try to use up leftovers at least once a week, so sometimes there will be just enough of something left for one lunch.  I try to always include a protein and a vegetable, but I don't always succeed, and when I do they don't always eat it.  Honestly the lunches they eat best are the sunbutter & jam sandwiches - but I can't bring myself to give them that every day, and they'd probably get tired of that if I did.

I try to make the lunches the night before - and usually I try to do this while cleaning up from dinner, so I'm not making another mess  I don't always manage to do this - I talk myself into just sitting down instead, and a basically always regret that decision the next morning.  And I've been trying to stick to somewhat of a "menu" for the lunches.  It's not so much of a menu as just a general guideline I give myself - so that I don't give them the same thing for lunch every day, and so that I don't have to really even think about it or figure it out if I don't want to.

So, my basic framework is this:

  • Monday: leftover Friday night pizza (or a sandwich if we ate all the pizza, or some other kind of weekend leftovers)
  • Tuesday: quesadilla, or something with a tortilla (a roll with cream cheese, or pizzadilla)
  • Wednesday: sandwich
  • Thursday: a "lunchable" - crackers, ham, cheese, etc.
  • Friday: breakfast for lunch (oatmeal or a pancake), or some dinner leftovers

I don't always follow this - but it gives me a starting point when I don't want to think about it.

Here are some of our more interesting recent lunches...

2014-01-06 08.35.17
2014-01-06 20.17.57
2014-01-13 20.16.50
2014-01-16 08.09.14
2014-01-31 08.18.30
2014-02-05 19.44.06
2014-02-14 08.21.36
2014-03-06 17.26.16-2
2014-03-14 11.43.09
2013-10-13 19.22.46
2013-10-17 07.39.26