School Lunches 2014, week 1 - we're off and running!

One of my goals for this year is to do a better job of regularly posting our school lunches.  I am planning on doing a weekly post with the lunches for each week.  So keep me honest - if you haven't seen them, feel free to pester me!  Last week was a short week with just 2 kids in school, so just a few lunches to share with you.  All of these are packed in my very favorite EasyLunchBoxes, they make lunch packing super easy.

I try to make the lunches the night before.  I don't always manage to do it, and when I don't I pretty much always wish I had.  

First day of school!  Sunbutter and homemade jam on wheat bread, tomatoes, carrots, cheese, banana.  And a little lunchbox note that I made up.
Quesadilla with sour cream for dipping, banana, carrots.  He has a boiled egg, she has a half a peach.
Leftover homemade pizza, apples and half a peach.  She has some sweet peppers, he has bites of ham.