A Quick and Easy Halloween Lunch

A lot of the bento lunch bloggers that I follow have been doing some seriously amazing halloween themed lunches.  I am in awe, they are so creative.  But with four lunches to make every day, I can't manage to do such elaborate themed lunches.  And that would set a precedent for my kids that I could never live up to - they would expect an elaborated lunch for every holiday!  

But, it's Halloween, so I figured I'd better come up with something that was a little bit in keeping with the day.  So I decided to just do all of the orange color foods I could find.  

They've got mini cheddar cheese sandwiches on a skewer, carrots, orange slices, cheddar bunnies, and some homemade tropical fruit gummies.  Two also have an egg, one has some sweet orange peppers, and one has a few sesame crackers hiding under her napkin.  I added a green cocktail napkin underneath to make it all pop a bit more, and a few orange cups.  On top they will each have a white napkin with a quick drawing of an orange pumpkin.    Two of the pumpkins have wheels on them - supposed to look like roller skates - because the first graders are going on a roller skating field trip today.  

It was quick and easy, but I feel good that I got a little something special done for them.