School Lunch Day 77: quesadillas

Quesadillas are totally my fall back lunch when I can't think of another idea. They are so quick and easy to make!

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I don't always get it done, but when I pack lunches ahead I am so much happier. To pull already made lunches out of the fridge on a busy school day morning just seriously makes me feel like I am winning at this parenting thing. 

This was a Wednesday lunch and I packed most of it on Sunday. The quesadillas, carrots, grapes, and tomatoes were all packed 3 days before - and as you can see in the picture, they were still perfectly fresh. That's another reason I love quesadillas - they keep in the fridge really well, so they are a great one for making in advance. I actually often have a bag of sliced quesadillas in the fridge, because they make a great snack that's easy to grab - and not messy! 

Sadly though, one of my kids isn't eating quesadillas right now. So instead she has peanut butter and crackers - also, a super easy lunch.

The morning of the day I sent this lunch to school I just added the crackers to the ones with the quesadillas (because those particular crackers do get a little soggy), and the seaweed snacks. 

You can read all of my tips for packing lunch ahead of time in this post here.

Products I used in this lunch: