Homemade Lunchable

Creating your own homemade lunchable is one of the easiest kinds of lunches to make, and the kids seem to love it. 

There's a reason why those lunchables sell so well in the stores - it's a simple formula that kids love, packaged in a way that easy for them to eat, presented simply and approachable. I buy them occasionally for on the run, but for school lunches it's a super easy formula to copy at home. Some little silicone cups to divide up the lunchbox make it just perfect. Then you just follow the formula - cracker, cheese, protein, fruit, and a little something sweet. I put turkey in two of these, and almonds for my two who don't eat meat. 

Little bagel people!

Occasionally I like to have a little fun while packing a school lunch. 

Bagel man sandwiches for lunch | WhatLisaCooks.com

Bagels with either cream cheese or butter, dressed up with some fun little picks. It's kinda fun to look through the bag of bagels with a different viewpoint, looking for the ones that will make funny faces. I like to know that I'm putting a little smile on my kids' faces when they open their lunch.

Along with the bagels they have strawberries, cheese, cheerios, and in the easter egg are some yogurt covered raisins. 

A bunny sandwich

Just a simple little sandwich for school lunch

I have a whole drawer full of different shapes and sizes of sandwich cutters. It is such a simple way to make a boring lunch not so boring. These are just basic sandwiches, but cut in a cute bunny shape. This one (and a lot of them actually) is actually a big cookie cutter. They make great cutters for sandwiches. The Comfort Grip cutters by Wilton are great, easy to hold and sharp enough to cut through.

Tip: when you are making a cut sandwich, cut the pieces separately - cut the bread, cut the cheese, cut the meat, and then assemble. That way you won't end up with a squished sandwich. 

They have some cheddar bunnies to go with it, tomatoes, animal crackers, apple, and one has some slices of cheddar cheese. 

Bean burritos and fruit

I think burritos make a great lunch, they are compact and tidy and easy to eat.

These are bean and cheese burritos, in flour tortillas. One has chicken in it (I put a pick in that one when I made it, so I would know which one it was.). Whenever I make these I get lots of questions:

Do they get soggy: no, if you are careful. I make them ahead, roll them up, and then let the cool fully before putting them in the lunch box. They will only get soggy if they are still warm and steaming when you put the lid on. 

Do my kids eat them cold: Yes. Well, room temp. I've eaten plenty of them at room temp myself, and I think they are great. This goes back to my stance that kids really don't eat their food when it's hot anyway. My kids fidget and chat and avoid their food at dinner until it's room temp anyway, so there's really no difference with a room temperature lunch. 

Also - tip: you can make a bunch of burritos ahead of time and freeze them. They freeze great. Just let them thaw in the fridge before packing. 

The rest of the lunch is fruit, cheese, cheddar bunnies. One child has recently refused to eat burritos, so she got some leftover muffins and a yogurt.