Welcome Back!

Yay! I'm so glad you've decided to stay! You might want to go ahead and add my email to your safe senders list, so that my newsletters don't get lost in your junk box. 

Since you're here, and maybe haven't been for a little while - here's a few useful links to some of my most popular stuff. Enjoy! 


Packing School Lunches

If you originally found me from Pinterest, my guess is that you're mostly here for the lunches. I've got loads of them and they never spoil. Here's my page with all the lunches I've share, it's definitely the one to bookmark and come back to when you're looking for ideas. I've also got a page with just no-sandwich lunches, one with gluten free lunches, one with nut free lunches, and with all of my breakfast for lunch ideas. 


Cooking & Recipes

I don't always cook from specific recipes, but when I do come up with a new recipe I share them here on the food blog section of the site. You can find some of my tried and true family favorites here - the things I keep coming back to for easy weeknight dinners. 


My Favorite Things

One of the things I love to do most for my readers is to share the things I find that help make a busy mom's life a little easier. I've set up a new Amazon site where you can go directly to some of my favorite things, so click through here to shop