Three Dips

I made three dips recently which were all super yummy.

Eggplant Spread:
First was the Eggplant dip that I made a few weeks ago - I did it the same as before, but a small batch with just one medium sized eggplant - cubed, roasted olive oil and salt, and then smashed, added in some lemon juice, garlic and parmesan cheese.  This is so easy, and so good.  One medium eggplant made one small bowl of dip - I could easily eat an entire eggplant in one sitting this way. 

Lentil Hummus:
I had seen a few recipes for this recently and I really wanted to try it.  You pretty much just follow any hummus recipe you like, just substitute cooked lentils for the cooked garbanzos.  I used a package of pre-cooked lentils from Trader Joes, which meant that this came together super quick and easy.  And I used several cloves of fresh garlic, so it had a really nice bite from the garlic on the first day, and a mellower but still strong garlic taste a few days later. 

Curried Cauliflower Dip:
I've also seen some recipes for Cauliflower Hummus, and I will try that soon.  But seeing this gave me the idea to try my favorite Curried Carrot Dip recipe with cauliflower instead of carrots.  I love that recipe - with lots of curry powder and lemon juice - you hardly know that you're eating vegetables.  I made this one with a whole head of cauliflower and just 2 carrots - and the reviews from all who tried it were that it was even better than the carrot version. 

All three of these were good to dip veggies in, and even better on crackers or pita chips, and even better on some really good bread.