Hi. I'm Lisa.

95/365: how many of me does it take?

I am currently a full time stay at home mom to my four amazing kids - two sets of twins!  I have a boy and girl who are almost ten, and two eight-year-old girls.  

As you might imagine - this group keeps me busy!

Having twins - two sets less than three years apart - sort of forces one to re-evaluate their priorities a little bit! 

What's most important to me? Keeping my family happy and healthy. 

That's what this blog is all about. The heart of our home is in the kitchen. With six people, and at least three meals  a day, our lives largely revolve around what happens in this little kitchen.

On the pages of this blog you'll find my attempts at sharing a piece of that with you. I pack a ton of school lunches, make quick and easy dinners, simple but hearty breakfasts. This isn't your typical food blog. I'm not cranking out fancy new recipes several times a week. This is real life - feeding a real family, from the heart, as healthy as I can make it without driving myself to total exhaustion all of the time. 

121/365: me and my kids!

If you want to know more about anything I've made, I'd be happy to try to answer your questions if I can.

Comment on my posts, or contact me via the form below.

I hope you enjoy!