Welcome! Before we get to what you came for - a few quick announcements: 

Are you looking for school lunch packing ideas and tips?

I've been packing lunch for a long time, and I think I've packed just about every kind of lunch possible!

That includes over 1000 lunches without sandwiches! 

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We like sandwiches sometimes, but they get old pretty fast. So I am always trying to come up with ideas for lunches that don't include sandwiches. 

Check out the two videos below for 10 of my favorite non sandwich lunch ideas. And then click through the link after that for my full page with all of my lunch ideas without sandwiches. 

This first video has five of my best ideas for non sandwich lunches. 

The next video has five MORE of my favorite lunch packing ideas without sandwiches. 

You can click right here to direct to the page with ALL of my non sandwich lunch ideas - this includes photos of well over 1,000 lunch boxes I have packed without sandwiches.

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