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All of my gluten free packed lunches in one easy place for you!

We do not have any gluten allergies or sensitivities in our family. But because I am always striving for variety, I end up packing a lot of lunches without gluten anyway, and I always hear from folks that they would love to see more of these kinds of lunches. So I thought I would gather them in one place for you. 

In addition to this page where I have included only the lunches that are already gluten free, I would encourage you to look at my pages with all of the rest of my lunches. A lot of my lunches can easily be made gluten free by just swapping out the regular crackers or chips for gluten free ones, or swapping regular bread for gluten free bread. I've tried a lot of my baking recipes with gluten free flour, and they come out just fine. So even my lunches that contain muffins or pancakes can be made gluten free too. Or use your current favorite gluten free mix or pre-made items and just take my ideas for lunches and make them gluten free on your own. 

In these lunches - crackers I have used are gluten free, tortillas are corn tortillas, chips are corn tortilla chips. 

Just click on the picture for each lunch to get a bigger image and read all the details about the lunch!

Keep scrolling down - there are lots more after this break.

Keep scrolling after this break - there are more!

This next group of lunches are from the 2014-2015 school year. I wasn't doing a blog post for each lunch back then, so just click to see a bigger picture and a bit of a description. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Dozens of ideas for gluten free school lunch packing - from whatlisacooks.com
Dozens of ideas for gluten free school lunch packing - from whatlisacooks.com