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Everybody loves breakfast for lunch!

I'm not kidding you - if you haven't sent breakfast foods to school for your kids lunch, you have to start! I make my kids a breakfast for lunch box once a week, and it is almost always the most popular lunch of the week.  There is just something about breakfast foods that everybody just loves!  

I love making them because they are easy, and I think they are fun to make. It's a really nice change for ordinary lunch foods. I usually make this kind of lunch on Wednesday or Thursday, it just seems like a nice way to change things up in the middle of the week. 

I think that these kinds of lunches are especially easy because I almost always have lots of breakfast foods on hand. Whenever I make pancakes or waffles or muffins or oatmeal - I always make extra! Breakfast foods seem to keep really well, and I thing that a lot of them taste just as good at room temperature as they do when they are freshly cooked.

So have a look through all the pictures below of the lunches, and I hope you find some inspiration. Click on each picture to get a bigger view and to get more detail about what was in the lunch.