Microwave popcorn

I shared this one about a year ago, but since there are so many of you who weren't following me back then, I thought I would share it again.  

My kids love popcorn as an after school snack.  I think they would eat it every day if I let them, but I try to keep some variety so I usually save it for Fridays.   But it is a crowd pleaser, it takes less than 3 minutes to make, and there's never any leftover to have to put away.  It's easy, and it's cheap. 

Would you please stop buying that awful microwave popcorn that's full of chemicals and who knows what else?  Making popcorn in the microwave is too easy. I can't figure out how we ever got conned into buying that packaged microwave popcorn, when doing it without all that garbage is just as easy.  

This is all you need:

  • 1 paper lunch bag
  • popcorn

Take a paper bag, dump in 1/3 cup of popping corn, fold down the top of the bag a little, and microwave.  That's it.  The time will very depending on how hot your microwave is.  In mine it's about 2 and a half minutes.

When it's done - open the bag and dump it in a bowl.  I like salt on mine, and you need a little something to get the salt to stick.  So I lightly spray it with a little organic coconut oil cooking spray, and then salt it.  yum!

Sometimes we just devour it all right out of the bowl, and sometimes I give them each their own little bag.  I just take a lunch bag and fold all the way around, 2 or 3 times.  Everybody's happy. 

Updated to add this:  I've heard from a few folks that cooking in paper bags is not safe, due to chemicals and fire hazard.  I did some digging around the internet about this and all I could find were warnings about using large paper grocery bags.  Apparently there was once a popular method of cooking turkeys in paper grocery bags.  But grocery bags are not assumed to be coming in direct contact with food, they are not sanitary and might have harmful glues or chemicals in the paper (might have, nobody seems to know).  And cooking that stuff in an oven for a couple hours with your food probably isn't a good thing.  I couldn't find any info about the safety (or lack of ) of paper lunch bags.  I would assume that they are made for putting food in, so they should be ok.  And either way, for my preference I think they have to be better than all the garbage that comes in packaged microwave popcorn, and possibly also better than cooking in plastic in your microwave.  You decide for yourself.