On the menu this week: October 27 - November 2

I can hardly believe that the last week of October is already upon is.  I just never know where the time goes.  'Tis the season for slow cooker casseroles and warm soups, so we've got more of those kinds of things on the menu this week, and a few old favorites.  

I always try to plan ahead when I'm making something, to think about what other meal(s) I can also use it in. 

Some comments and recipe links at the end, but first I'll get you right to the menu.  

A bit more detail about this menu: 

  • We had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday, so they will show up again in the kids breakfast and lunches this week.  I always make extra and freeze them, so I can just pull out and reheat for a quick meal.  Here is my pancake recipe. 
  • We had burgers on Saturday night, so I made a bunch of extra mini burgers for the kids lunches.  I made homemade buns, using my basic bread recipe (and put a bunch in the freezer for another meal), and I cooked the burgers in the oven (genius! I'll write a post about that soon!)
  • Monday night I'm going to try my hand at an enchilada casserole in the slow cooker.  I've been wanting to try one of these for a while.  I haven't settled on the exact recipe yet, I'll probably just read a few and make up my own.  But I am thinking about making my own enchilada sauce, because it seems like the store bought ones are just too spicy for my kids, no matter how "mild" they claim to be.  I think I'll use something like this recipe
  • For Tuesday night I'm trying a new noodle soup recipe - A Burmese Noodle Bowl.  I came across this one last week and it sounds so good.  Chicken, asian flavors, broth, noodles - it sounds right up my alley.
  • For breakfast one day I'm going to make some Muesli. The real kind.  Have you ever had it? This is not the granola like cereal stuff that people put in boxes and pour in a bowl with milk.  Real Swiss muesli is raw oats soaked overnight in milk and yogurt, and flavored with honey and grated apples.  You can also add any other kinds of dried or fresh fruits, or nuts.  It's so delicious. I haven't made it in a long time, so I'm curious to see if my kids like it. I'll share a recipe after I make it.  
  • I'm thinking some kind of fish sounds good for Saturday night, I"ll probably do a simple coating and cook in the oven - something like this.  I'm not sure yet what kind of fish I'll use, I'll go to the store later in the week and see what they've got for a good price.  I'll probably cook some spaghetti squash to go with it - this is my favorite spaghetti squash recipe
  • Sunday I'm going for a comfort food family favorite - spaghetti and meatballs.  I have a great one-pot spaghetti recipe that everybody loves, and I'll cook a big batch of meatballs to go with it.  I don't usually follow a recipe for meatballs, but I'll try to write down what I do.  I like to do a combination of meats for extra flavor - beef, turkey, and some lamb or pork.  And when I make meatballs I always make lots extra - they are so great to have in the freezer.