On the menu this week: January 5 - 11

Happy New Year!  I hope you have enjoyed the holiday season as much as we did.  I've been a little quiet here, because I've really been enjoying time off with my family.  For Thanksgiving every year we go to California, it's lots of fun with family and tons of activity.  But for many years now we have stayed put for Christmas and the New Year, and we love it.  No hectic holiday travel, no fear of weather delays, no expectations, no drama.  I am especially enjoying this now that we have kids - I love just being at home and watching them play, without any stress of having to get anybody anywhere or operate on any kind of schedule.

But it's back to reality now.  Back to school, back to making lunches, back to weekly therapy appointments for my son, ballet classes for me and all three of the girls.  And starting next weekend it will be ski lesson season - all four kids have a lesson on Saturday.  We've got full schedules for the next several months, so getting back to the weekly meal plan will be one of my keys to survival.  I didn't do any advance meal planning over the holiday, and honestly there were days when I wished I had.  Just a few weeks getting out of practice, and this one today took me much longer than it should have, but I'm glad to have it done now, and it will definitely help keep me going this week.  

If you are new to my meal plan posts, here's my (way too long) post about how I approach the meal planning process. 

So here it is, the plan for the week.  It's nothing to get too excited about, but it will get us through. I don't have recipes to post for you yet, some of these are still ideas.  I know the basics of what I want and I'll look up a recipe when I'm ready to get cooking.  I'll share links to those on Facebook, so make sure you're following along there.  

Have a great week!