10 Minute Pasta Hack!

Easy pasta hack from whatlisacooks.com - 10 minutes, no draining. Dinner is done.

This is the only way I cook pasta any more - the no draining method.

All those years spent thinking pasta had to be cooked in gallons of water! It doesn’t!

This way is so much faster!

In a shallow pot, one pound of pasta, any shape, needs about 4 cups of cold water. A standard sized package of most kinds of pasta in the US is usually one pound.

1 package of pasta + 4 cups cold water.


You can play around with this ratio and figure out what works for you, if you like your pasta softer or more firm, but I’ve found these quantities to be pretty spot on for us.

I add a bit of salt and butter, bring it up to a simmer, stir occasionally until the water is absorbed and pasta is cooked, maybe 10 minutes.

When the pasta is almost finished I usually just add a bit of cream. My kids prefer when I serve it simple like that. But you can add any sauce or other ingredients you like at this point, or add this in to any recipe you have that calls for cooked pasta

This is so quick and easy. No waiting for water to boil! No rinsing. No draining. You are going to wonder why you ever did it any other way.