Easy little felt Christmas tree activity

If you're like me, you see all this amazing crafty holiday stuff all over your favorite pages and maybe let out a little groan.  That's nice for people that have that kind of time.  But I've got four little kids and not a lot of spare time to prep for elaborate Christmas crafts or activities.  So here's one for you that I know you can pull off. Because if I can manage it, anybody can!  It takes no artistic talent, you just need to know how to use scissors.  And the supplies are very minimal.

Can you cut a triangle?  Ok, then you're good.  

All you need is a couple pieces of felt.  I happened to have a stack of random felt from a project a few years ago, so I was happy to find a use for it.  The only part of this that requires a tiny bit of precision is cutting out the tree.  I used a ruler and a pencil to get my lines somewhat straight.  After that, just randomly cut out shapes.  I managed to get a few that look a little like stars, some diamonds, some circles.  I cut a few pieces in long wavy shapes for a look of a garland on the tree, and then a lot of just random little snips of a few different colors.  That's all.

I got the idea from seeing a bigger, wall sized thing in a catalog.  But I wanted to do something smaller.  So these are made from just small pieces of felt - the size of a piece of paper.  The whole thing folds up and stows nicely in a quart sized ziploc bag - perfect for sticking in a purse for an activity to take along to a restaurant.  I originally made them last year before we were going on an airplane flight.  I only made two and I should have made four, because my kids of course argued over who got the first turns.