I'd love to chat with you about working together. Here are just a few ideas of the kinds of things I'm available for. Have other ideas? let's chat!

Product Reviews:

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I love reviewing products and telling my readers about them, and my readers love knowing about products that actually work for a big, busy family.

My favorite products are things that make a mom's life easier, and anything having to do with feeding kids and cooking. We also love to try out new kids products - feeding products, toys, crafts, etc. If you send us your product to review, we will give it a good workout - if it works for our big, busy family, then I know it will work for my readers. 

If we love your product, then I will share with all of my followers on my blog and social media. If we really, really love it then I will probably even write a whole blog post about it. I do not to sponsored reviews at this time - my reviews are unpaid and unbiased. If you send us your product and we love it, we will shout from the rooftops about it and would love for you to share our review with your audience in return. I don't post negative reviews, so if you send us your product and we don't love it, we will give you some honest feedback about what we didn't love about it, and we will keep it just between us. If I take any photographs of your product and how we use it, my photos will be available for you to license. 

If you have a product you would like us to review, please contact me for a shipping address.

Book Reviews:

My readers are always looking for recommendations for great new books - cookbooks, parenting books, or books about household tips and organizing. If you have a book you are interested in having me review, please contact me. 


If you like my photography style, I'd love to create original images for you to use with your own brand marketing.

My style is very bright and clean. I use minimal props and clean editing and I shoot all my images in bright natural light. I don't go for over styled food photography that looks nothing like how real people cook and eat. I like to create images that communicate how real food can be approachable and easy. And I love to show off products I love in ways that make people want to use them. 

If you're interested in talking to me about custom food or product photography, drop me an email and let's chat about your needs and my rates.

Photo Licensing:

If you are interested in licensing any of my photographs for use on your site or in your product marketing, please contact me for availability. All of the photos on this site are taken by me and are my property. Please do not use without permission. But if you would like to use one, let's talk! I would be happy to send you my licensing rates and talk about your needs. 

Freelance Writing and Guest Posts:

I love talking and writing about food and family. If you like my writing style and are interested in having me create original content for your site or publication, let's chat!