Muffins + Yogurt.

easy school lunch idea: breakfast for lunch.  Easy banana chocolate chip muffins (with recipe!).

The Lunch Idea:

I was so excited about this lunch, I had been thinking about it all week.  I have been working on this muffin recipe and I finally got it just right.  My kids love these muffins so much. And, despite the few chocolate chips, I feel pretty good about letting them eat them because they are mostly pretty healthy stuff. So of course I knew I was going to be packing my usual Wednesday breakfast-for-lunch, and this was a no-brainer because I had muffins already made and ready to go!

What's in the lunch:

perfect school lunch idea from - mini chocolate chip muffins and fruit, with an easy muffin recipe.

Questions and Tips:

  • This particular yogurt is one I bought locally.  It's an awesome brand and they make the most amazing creamy yogurt. But I have copied this idea and made it myself before.  You just need plain yogurt, honey, and lemon curd.  Buy a good quality, thick and creamy (whole milk) greek yogurt. Sweeten it with a little honey, and then loosely fold in a little lemon curd.  My lemon curd recipe is here, and it is ahhhmazing. 
  • In case you missed it above - my muffin recipe is here.  These are so easy to make!
  • These are honey nut cheerios because that's what I had in my pantry, but this lunch would easily be nut free if you just used the plain cheerios. 
  • I wish I could find those little flower pots for you, but I got them at a local market and I have yet to find them online.  I'll keep looking though!
  • The containers are also one I bought at a store and can't find online.  The store was Daiso, which is an amazing dollar type store that sells all kinds of things from Japan. 

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easy school lunch idea: breakfast for lunch.  Easy banana chocolate chip muffins (with recipe!).