School Lunch day 15: Happy Bagel Dudes!

The Lunch Idea:

Hey, sometimes I just like to have a little fun! But you don't have to make a fancy lunch in order to make it fun!  Wednesday is our breakfast for lunch day, and the kids have been begging for bagels.  So bagel sandwiches it is! But instead of just an ordinary bagel sandwich, I just used a few of my favorite bento picks to make it a little more fun. This lunch was so easy - it probably took me 5 minutes to throw together the sandwiches, cut an apple in quarters, and toss in some cheese and a few cookies.  All I did to kick it up to "fun" status was stick a few bento picks in it.  

What's in the lunch:

  • Bagel sandwiches: two have sunbutter and homemade raspberry jam, two have cream cheese and turkey.
  • Cheese
  • A quarter of an apple
  • A few Annie's bunny grahams

Tips and Questions:

  • I don't treat the apple at all.  Just cored and cut in quarters with a sharp knife.
  • I don't buy a lot of packaged cheese, but I do like to keep these little Tillamoos around.  They are just a perfect size, and my kids love them.  It is a really easy and fast way to add a little extra protein to the lunch. And I like that because they are well sealed, they don't get gross in the lunch.  If they don't eat it, I just stick it back in the fridge.