School Lunch Day 17: Make your own sandwich boxes

The lunch idea:

Somehow, a sandwich sometimes seems more interesting to a kid when they have made it themselves.  I did this a few times last year and my kids loved it.  And it's less work for me, so: win-win. Basically, the components of a sandwich, but not a sandwich.  They assemble it themselves at lunch. Or not. But last year when I sent lunch this way they came home excited to tell me that they had made their own sandwich. It's just a simple way to mix things up a bit - same ingredients as if you made the sandwich, just presented in a new way.  This is a quick and easy lunch to make!

What's in the lunch: 

  • Sliced bread - one slice, crusts trimmed off, cut in quarters
  • Protein: two have ham and cheese, one has just cheese, one has peanut butter for her sandwich and a babybel cheese on the side.
  • Two have tomatoes from the garden
  • A container of homemade apple pear sauce
  • A few bunny graham cookies
  • A plum (or maybe it's a pluot, I'm not sure)

Questions and Tips:

  • I buy big blocks of cheese and just use a cheese slicer or a knife to cut it. It really only takes a minute, and when you go through the amount of cheese that we do, it really saves a lot of money. 
  • If you can't send nuts, use Sunflower Seed butter instead.  Or cream cheese.  Or hummus.  Really, you can do this same kind of lunch idea with basically anything that you would put on a sandwich.