School Lunch Day 40: French Toast Sticks with Maple Yogurt

The Lunch Idea:

Breakfast for lunch is a day late, because I made lunch ahead of time, and then forgot that they didn't have school on Wednesday, so I saved it for Thursday.  Breakfast for lunch is an easy one to pack ahead, because most breakfast foods keep really well in the fridge.  This stuff was all going to be in the fridge either way, whether it was in a lunch container or some other kind of container, so I might as well pack it for lunch.

This is leftover French Toast.  As will basically everything I cook, I always cook a lot extra.  French toast is great leftover.  It freezes great, or stores in the fridge great as well.  I make enough extra that we can have it for at least one breakfast during the week and at least one lunch, and usually enough to freeze as well.  I make French toast a little differently than a lot of people.  A lot of recipes tell you to just dip the bread in your custard, but not let it soak.  I do the opposite - I soak it.  I let the egg mixture soak all the way in to the middle of the bread.  I want to cut it open and have cooked custard all the way through, not dry bread in the middle. It's delicious.  You can read more about how I make it here

What's in the lunch:

  • French toast, cut in strips
  • Maple yogurt for dipping - just plain yogurt mixed with maple syrup. 
  • strawberries and grapes
  • Mozzarella cheese - I got those little packs at Costco.

Questions and tips:

Give them breakfast for school lunch! An easy school lunch of French toast sticks from