School Lunch Day 51: Leftover Homemade Pizza

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The Lunch Idea:

Just an easy Monday Lunch here - this is leftover partially homemade pizza. I say partially homemade because I cheated and used a pre-made dough from Whole Foods.  It was a really nice dough, if you're ever looking to take a shortcut. I often make my own, but this time of year I just don't have the energy. My dough recipe that I use for everything is here, if you're looking for a good basic dough.  

Try as I might, I can't get my kids to eat anything other than basic cheese pizza. So this is as basic as it gets - a thinly rolled out dough, spread with a thin layer of plain tomato sauce, and sprinkled with a shredded cheese blend.  If I'm making a pizza with other toppings I like to use just mozzarella, but for cheese pizza I think a blend of theses makes it taste a little better. 

What's in the Lunch:

  • Leftover cheese pizza
  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Bunny Grahams

Questions and Tips:

  • They will eat the pizza at room temperature.
  • Here is how I cut apples.
  • These lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes
  • The little silicone cups for the carrots are here.
  • I bake my pizzas on a pizza stone.  It really helps to get a crispy crust.  I leave it in the oven all the time, on the very bottom rack.  I think it also helps keep the oven heating more evenly. This is the pizza stone I have. It's also great for baking bread.