School lunch day 10: breakfast for lunch with waffle sandwiches!

I have arbitrarily assigned Wednesday as breakfast for lunch day.  I guess because it's a nice way to split up the week.  We have two days of regular stuff, then a breakfast for lunch day, and then two more days of regular lunch.  It works.  

The lunch idea:

I love making sandwiches for lunch out of breakfasty stuff.  Today it is waffles.  When I make waffles, I always, always make lots extra.  If you're mixing up the batter, just mix extra.  Usually I will cook just enough for our Sunday breakfast, and then after breakfast when everyone else has moved on to other activities, I will go back in the kitchen and finish cooking up the extra waffles.  They freeze great and re-heat great. With a waffle sandwich, a little fruit and a little protein, you've got an easy winner of a lunch.

What's in the lunch: 

  • Waffle sandwich: leftover waffle, spread with peanut butter and jam, and then cut in half.
  • For protein, two have a boiled egg, two have cheese.
  • Fruit: strawberries, and a skewer of grapes
  • Extra: corn chex

Tips and questions:

  • These will be eaten at room temperature.
  • Waffles are super flexible.  Just use your favorite recipe as a base, and add what sounds good.  I often add chopped nuts, cinnamon, extra vanilla.  For waffles that taste good enough to just be eaten plain, sweeten your batter with a little maple syrup. My waffle and pancake batter recipe is here (excuse the awful pic, that's an old post!)
  • When you make extra to freeze - let them cool fully, then spread out on a baking sheet to freeze individually.  When frozen, bag them up.
  • If you can't do peanut butter - any kind of nut butter works great, or sunflower seed butter.  Or I often do these with cream cheese.  Use whatever works for you. 

Products I used: 

  • Lunches are packed in EasyLunchboxes
  • This is the awesome waffle maker that I have.  The waffles come out perfect every time.
  • Bamboo skewers are great for fruits, or just little bites of anything.
  • Sorry, but I've looked online and have not yet found a source for the silicone flower pots.  I got them at a local Asian market. 

Oh hey, I made a video!