School Lunch Day 69: Muffin Breakfast For Lunch, packed to go for a field trip

School Lunch Day 69: Muffins & Yogurt

Making muffins and bars ahead of time makes packing for lunch even quicker than usual.

This was a breakfast for lunch day, so the kids all got three of my mini chocolate chip banana muffins. They all got some kind of wrapped cheese, strawberries, and one of these amazingly easy and delicious cereal bars. 

Two of the kids were staying at school, so they got their extra side in a little Mini Dipper container - one had plain yogurt with honey, the other had cottage cheese.

The other two kids were going on a field trip, so all of their lunch needed to be packed in disposable containers. I just rinsed out the containers that the strawberries came in, and tucked all their little goodies in there. I used a couple of paper muffin cups to keep everything separate, and I wrapped the bar in a little plastic wrap. And instead of a container of yogurt they got a yogurt tube. 

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