Bagels and cheese kebabs

This isn't the most creative lunch I've ever made, sometimes you do just have to throw together whatever you've got. This was one of those weeks when the fridge was a little bare because I hadn't been to the store (one child was sick, thus only three lunches) - but still, I managed to pull it together. 

They each have a small bagel, cut in half to make it fit better. Two have little skewers with cheese cubes and tomatoes, and I added ham to one - just rolled it up and sliced it. Those two also have sliced oranges and apples. Alternating the slices is a simple little way to make it look a little nicer, and the orange juice can help keep the apples from browning, if you have a problem that. They also have some dried seaweed snacks on the side. 

The third one won't eat tomatoes. Or ham. And she won't eat the cheese if I cut it like that. (issues.) She has the bagel, and a little triangle of spreadable cheese. In the container she has sunflower seed butter that she might dip her bagel in. She also has seaweed snacks, and just apples (because she won't eat oranges). 

Sometimes they all get the same, sometimes I am willing to cater the lunch a little to the child's tastes, it just sort of depends on my mood that day. ;-)