Simple sandwich kit and fruit box

This is a quick and simple little lunch in one of our new favorite lunch containers. 

They have squares of bread and sliced cheese and one has some sliced turkey - so they can eat it all separately or make it into their own little mini sandwiches. They both have strawberries and grapes, one has tomatoes and one has a half a banana. It's not a huge lunch, but my kids aren't huge lunch eaters. 

I love these containers by EcoLunchboxes for a few reasons. First - they are stainless steel and silicone - no plastic at all. Second - they are totally leak proof. I've tested this with water, and even sent one kid with milk and cereal one day, and no leaks. The silicone lid is easy to get on and off, but fits snug enough to seal everything in. Third - they actually hold a lot more than they look like. They are deeper than a lot of the other metal containers I've tried, so with a little careful packing you can actually get a nice amount of food in there. And fourth - they are a little tapered on the bottom so they actually stack together and store nicely. This is the only metal lunch container I've found that does this - and it is a very important feature for my very small kitchen. The small inner container is sold separately, and has the same silicone lid, and the same tapering on the bottom.