Sort of Nachos..

Do you observe Taco Tuesday in your house? We do, and my kids will definitely remind me if I try to sever them something other than Mexican on Tuesday. Which isn't a problem for me, because I love it too. Not only to I love all the food, but it also makes for great leftovers that turn into a very easy lunch. 

This is a very simple version of nachos. Chips and shredded cheese. I popped one in the microwave because on kid likes his melted. Two others prefer to just eat the shredded cheese. And the fourth prefers the chips plain. To go with their chips one has leftover chicken, one has a container of guacamole (lots of lime juice in the guacamole, and a sealed container, helps keep it from browining), and one has a container of "sour cream". I put the sour cream in quotes because I tell her it's sour cream, but it's actually whole milk plain yogurt - so she's getting some protein in that lunch. On the side they all have a little snack pack of goldfish, and cut up strawberries.